Senior Software Engineer

Seattle, WA, USA


Senior Rails Developer

Quve is a fully funded, early stage company, developing a new way for consumers to improve their fitness, and for personal trainers to manage their business, find new clients, and train their clients with in-person sessions integrated with daily online coaching. 

We are looking for a senior rails developer to lead the server-side development of Quve. You will be working closely with the entire team to rapidly build out Quve, and iterate on the product as new insights from user research come in. 


  • Development lead for the server-side coding on Quve
  • Build out and iterate on the core Quve product using Rails/Postgres and any other technologies you think are necessary
  • Help translate user research into actionable items to improve Quve
  • Help with basic operational tasks: Deploying, running, monitoring, and scaling Quve on our Linux VPS



  • Previous experience building high performance web applications in Ruby/RoR
  • Experience with some flavor of SQL (we use postgreSQL)
  • Demonstrable skills, ability to provide portfolio of previous projects
  • Experience scaling a website
  • Experience working the entire web application life cycle (design, development, testing, implementation)
  • Experience with clustering/caching, threading and performance issues
  • Experience managing a Linux VPS